November 7, 2018

9th China Cross-Border E-Commerce
Conference & Exhibition

9th China Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference & Exhibition was held on November 7 in Shanghai, that annually welcomes participants from all the world to discuss latest trends in Chinese E-Commerce and provides networking opportunities for foreign businesses.
Apart from the conference itself, NAMO arranged a special programme for delegates from Russia just the day before the event.

Shiptor team was glad to join other leading Russian logistics and eCommerce providers when visiting major Chinese companies. During the meeting-up, delegated had the opportunity to give a brief presentation on their services and offer ways to cooperate in the future.

First stop was at the office of Wish. It's a huge eCommerce platform, founded in 2010. In 2017, more than 100 ml used its mobile app worldwide.

Another company in the programme - STO International - one of the biggest Chinese logistics providers, that nowadays operates in the USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, the UK, and many others. At the end of the visit, one of the top managers showed STO local warehouse and answered some questions about its capacity and operational processes.
That was the second time Shiptor attended the Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference in Shanghai - a great chance to establish new business connections in China and share experience both on the local market and abroad.
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