When global is simple
Worldwide delivery solutions. Warehousing and fulfillment solutions in the USA, Russia, EU, China and UAE.
Our team is a group of experts with extensive knowledge in cross-border e-Commerce.
We have acquired over 6 million customers in 12 years of work.
Fulfillment in China, the USA, UAE, Europe and Russia
Pick-up and first mile solutions
Express delivery to the USA, UAE, Europe and Russia
Customs Clearance
Passport data collection
Returns management
Try-it-on option for apparel
Cash on Delivery
Omnichannel solutions
Website development
Mobile Apps
Marketing in Russia
Website localization
Multilevel promotion
Advertising activities
Call center services
Payment processing
Content building and SEO
Integration with marketplaces
Fulfilled by Shiptor
Retailer, online store

Cross-docking in Germany
Ground freight
Customs clearance in Russia

Chiki Riki
Retailer, online store

Fulfillment in Germany
Ground freight to Russia
Customs clearance
Retailer, online store

Fulfillment in Germany and the USA
Air cargo and ground freight
Customs clearance in Russia
Returns management
eBay social

Customer support service
Customs clearance
Personal data processing
Returns management
We provide one-stop e-Commerce services for e-Businesses from the USA, Europe, UAE and China intending to enter the Russian market.

Relying on our experience in worldwide logistics, fulfillment solutions, online marketing, payment processing and customer service, we'll help you run your online presence in Russia.
Leader in e-Commerce solutions
12 years on the global market
6 offices and 5 warehouses in the USA, Germany,
Russia, UAE and China
Ready integration with leading carriers in the USA, Europe,
the MENA region and Russia
In-house IT solutions and seamless integration

Shiptor Service Areas

Shiptor is a global network of warehouses and express logistics solutions with presence in the USA (Wilmington, DE), Europe (Berlin, Germany), Russia (Moscow), UAE (Dubai) and China (Guangzhou).

Shiptor LLC, 402 Meco Dr, Wilmington 19804, DE

+1 603 2335679